Stubborn pigmentation is one of the common problems faced in Singapore, and it comes in a few forms - pigmented lesions (freckles, age spots, melasma etc). Some people may even face re-occurring pigmentation, even after treatments. These are usually caused by ageing, sun damage, genes, hormones, environment, and lack of protective skin care habits e.g.: use of sunshield, resulting in the over-active melanin production.

At CSK Clinics, we provide treatment programs to treat Skin Pigmentation at different levels of severity for all types of skin – light, dark or anywhere in-between. Our holistic approach takes into account your unique skin profile, health condition, prior treatments and lifestyle to help identify specific treatments that work best to unveil the radiant clear skin you once had.

Recommendation by Doctor

Parellogram Banner - Mild Conditions
Cosmetic Laser More.
Parellogram Banner - Moderate Conditions
Chemical Peel (Italian / Spanish) More.
Parellogram Banner - Severe Conditions
Pigment N-Laser / Pigment Y-Laser / DrPigment Twin Laser System More.